Victoria, I got up early this morning to finish the work on my old dream that I was working on in the dream group and it opened up like a ripe Papaya, leaving me in tears with new insight and feeling so grateful for this group and what it is allowing me to open up inside of me. Just had to say Thank you, Victoria!




 I have come to the conclusion that art is absolutely necessary all the time, but especially in times like we live in now, and that your work with encouraging dreaming and working with dreams in a non-threatening artistic way is a contribution to society that cannot be measured. You are a joy to know and a joy to work with, and the value that you give to introverted spaces of time is like an oasis in a sea of stress.  You touch many, many lives, and what greater gift is there than that.  Thank you for bringing that oasis to me.  




Dear V

Thank you for my first experience of a dream group yesterday.

I had no idea what to expect.

I arrived yesterday with my dream and anxiety within my core. What was I fearful of?

The group was kind & giving.

hey, I was way out of my comfort zone.


It was interesting for me to let go – just let it happen.

I am not good at interpreting symbols & picking up the meaning. 

I had to rely on you to help me.


It was very hard work!!! 

However I was glad to let myself go and experience it.

thank you




I feel so light after yesterday’s dream session.  I was delightfully surprised with the work I did and the insights that were revealed to me.  And…I came home elated – full of energy.  Thank you so much for providing the “safe” place for me to explore.




Thanks for all you generously provide for and encourage in all of us. I for one have found new passion for life through the dreamwork. What greater gift is there?




You have no idea how much I recognize the “work” you are doing in the world: your ability to validate/appreciate/acknowledge/empower people is remarkable, your willingness to dedicate yourself to shepherding creativity in Santa Fe touches me deeply, and your unflagging/unbounded enthusiasm is such a precious commodity! You are a jewel! 



You are doing such an important work with dreamers.  The connection and

compatibility of art and dreams is an important link.  And you do it with

such flare and love and generosity.  It is always a pleasure to me to see

you in action, and to witness your loving nature.



I can’t believe how easy it was to share my dreamwork last week with you.  You encouraged me in every way to feel comfortable, even giving me the right materials for the work!  Thank you for the encouragement and support you have given me always!  My dreamwork has become so important to me I can’t imagine my life without it anymore.