The Art Of The Dream


As multi-layered microcosms of experience, as authentic experiences in their own right, dreams employ the poetic tools of the imagination – narrative and imagery—to provide ongoing commentary on the meaning and purpose of all our lives.  These nocturnal dispatches from the unconscious may come as simple representations of events in our daily lives, but they can also, quite startlingly, vivify the deepest levels of the psyche, challenging us to examine our contradictions and our unexpressed gifts, to embrace and integrate the varying, and sometimes fragmented, aspects of the ever-evolving self. 

The psyche is a self-regulating system that is constantly seeking equilibrium. Dreams are a natural function of this extraordinary mechanism.  When given attentive consideration, they can elicit revelations and incite transformation. 

We all dream, and yet for many of us, navigating the labyrinthine world of the dream can be confusing and even daunting. 

Victoria Rabinowe’s dream circles and workshops are supportive vehicles, designed to assist the lay person and the professional in exploring the rich significance of the imaginal realm.  In every dream, no matter how convoluted or frightening, there is always a core of knowing.  Victoria creates a safe environment in which this elusive essence can be coaxed into living alignment with waking reality. 


By means of respectful inquiry rather than analysis, through discussion that calls forth the collective wisdom of the group, along with individual creative process, she provides the opportunity for insight and integration.  As those who have attended these sessions over time can attest, the experience of working with dreams in this way can not only kindle a greater understanding of the workings of the inner realm, it can also bring about a practical and enduring sense of the emergent potential that lives in all of us. 

Filmmaker & Editor – Sean Wells